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Coma   (2017)

for two actors, five clarinets and 13 players (any instruments)

Performance by LSTwo Ensemble

This work is inspired by late Scottish author Iain Banks’ novel The Bridge, in which the real-world and dream-world lives of three protagonists are followed, all of which are connected through a severe car accident which has either led to or will lead to their situation. In Coma, activity inside and outside the body of a comatose patient is represented through different sections of the ensemble. The clarinets represent the real-world medical monitors surrounding the patient, assessing his condition through a series of near impossible tasks. The percussionist represents both the brain’s attempt to repair itself and the pain stimuli used to check for the patient’s response. All other players represent wider brain activity/inactivity. While these players pursue independent tasks, reading abstract materials, there is a sense that some parts begin to mimic others. However, unity between the players, and the patient’s recovery, will be much harder to achieve.

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