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LUUMS Composers' Ensemble perform Jake Randell's Workshop Works: Imitation

May 17, 2018

Each piece in the Workshop Works:.. series is designed to be accessible to any players, regardless of their technical abilities or specialisms, and provide an opportunity to thoroughly explore the sonic possibilities of the pipes through various modes of improvisation. By allowing a level of freedom within these works, Jake could learn from the players and the players could learn from each other. 

Prior to the performance of Workshop Works: Imitation, each player is instructed to gather their own selection of pipes and arrange them within an area of the performance space which then becomes their own (this may be marked with a personal item). During the performance, players first familiarise themselves with their selection of pipes through “free play”. They then explore various modes of imitation: fixed and dynamic player positions, aural and visual attention to others, etc. 

LSTwo Ensemble perform Jake Randell's Pistons Bourdon

May 03, 2018

This piece explores the sonic possibilities of four decoupled bourdon organ pipes—specifically, pitches F, F#, G and G#, two and a half octaves below middle C—which have been altered to allow their stoppers to be easily slid inside the pipes, thus changing the pitches of the sounds produced. The pipes are sounded (blown) using a hydroponic fan, which is operated by one of the thirteen players using an on/off switch, and are amplified through loudspeakers. All players are assigned one of four roles that control the region of the installation  with which they interact.

Michael Spencer & Jake Randell's The Visitation performed at St Marie's Cathedral, Sheffield

April 11, 2018

The specially commissioned piece celebrates the restoration of the Lewis organ in St Marie's Cathedral and, while the title evokes Mary's visit to Elisabeth, it also reflects the 'visiting' of Mic's and Jake's music on each other. The latter is a deconstructed re-thinking of the organ, and the former uses the bass pitches of Jake's music to develop a growing harmonic cocoon that eventually recedes at the end of the piece. 

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